This page is about my car. I have a standard 1972 VW Bug. It took me about three years to get drivable and I'm still doing some small stuff to it. If you need any suggestions or ideas then you have come to the right spot. But I am definitely not and expert on this stuff, although I have gotten pretty good at some of it.  If you have any questions or comments then please e-mail me, or if you have any suggestions for things I should put on here or should do.  Go to my links page and use the form on the bottom to get your web page on here if you want. Send it to me and I'll look into getting it on here as soon as possible. Oh yea I live in Jacksonville, Fl so if you're near me let me know. And you can send me a picture of your VW if you want me to put it up.

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Check this out, it's a really neat site that lets you win stuff for searching with them. You only have to give them your info if you win something. But it helps if you sign up and get people on your friends list. Because if a friend wins then you can get the same prize. Help me out here guys.



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I now only have this months history on this page. The rest is in Past History.

Check the Type 4 page for more regular updates. From now on this will be for everything but the Type 4 Conversion. If you want that click on the button above. That means this won't be updated too much. Thanks.

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