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Type IV Conversion


    This page is about the T4 conversion that I am working on. I am following the directions out of Joe Cali's Book about this conversion. It's a great book about the conversion even if you go another route. Basically I am taking parts from the Type 1 and Type 4 engine and combining them to convert the pancake style into the upright shroud. The reasons for this are that it has more horsepower and torque, runs cooler, has an oil filter stock, lasts longer, and weighs only about 40 pounds more. 


    I started by getting an engine (2.0L GE) from Hilltop, my local parts place that I go to. It was pretty gummed up looking. I took it completely apart and split the case. After I cleaned everything very good I started building it back up.

    First I ordered a WebCam from It is designated as #00-152. I drilled out the rivets and counter bored the gear to fit the new cam, because of the bolts. I re-used the crank and rods. I obtained the smallest stock flywheel, if it was bigger grinding to the transaxle would need to be done to make it fit. I bought new pistons and cylinders, 96mm bore. With this combination it will turn out to be a 2056cc motor. Next I had everything balanced and the machining done that was needed for the conversion. 

    Once I got the stuff back from the machine shop I assembled everything. Next I bought 1.8L heads, I have heard that these are the best stock heads other than the ones for the 914. I assembled the heads, pushrods, their tubes, and the rocker arms. One of the nice things about the T4 is that you don't have to take the head off to replace the pushrod tubes. They just slide out.