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These are of me sanding on some primer.


Some parts with just the green and no clear coat on them.

Mvc-568f.jpg (236490 bytes)    Mvc-569f.jpg (239931 bytes)   

Original clear coat but it had drips in it.

Mvc-192s.jpg (55650 bytes)    Mvc-193s.jpg (63070 bytes)    Mvc-194s.jpg (53911 bytes)    Mvc-195s.jpg (65515 bytes)  

Sanded clear coat after I found drips in it.

Mvc-203s.jpg (58169 bytes)    Mvc-204s.jpg (59111 bytes)    Mvc-205s.jpg (50386 bytes)    Mvc-206s.jpg (51890 bytes)

The final clear coat on. It looks good.

Mvc-549f.jpg (359138 bytes)    Mvc-548f.jpg (296760 bytes)    Mvc-547f.jpg (264163 bytes)    Mvc-546f.jpg (286202 bytes)

The body painted and back together.

side view finished.jpg (318361 bytes)artsy shot front.jpg (255438 bytes)