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    This page is for the posting of modifications that people have made to their VW's. I hope this gives some of you some ideas for what you can do and would be useful. E-mail me with yours so I can get it on here as soon as possible. 


1. This one I saw on The Bug Shop (look for it on the links page). I installed an under the dash light. I used an old bendable flashlight thing. I don't have a windshield squirter so the light is coming out of one of the holes for that and is hooked up to a switch under the dash. It works great for getting stuff off the floor after dark. It also comes on when the door opens.

2. My front sway bar clamps kept sliding together and I didn't think that this was good or was supposed to happen. So I put some spacers in between them. I used some PVC pipe and cut it to the right length, slid it on, and put the clamps and bushings back on. It should hold them apart and not rub a hole in anything. It should work better now.

3. I have an auxiliary function on my head unit so I thought I would make use of it. I bought the adapter to make it go to RCA cables. Then I put a stereo headphone plug under the dash to plug stuff into. It sounds and works great. I can use it for anything that has a headphone plug.

4. Since the ignition switch that I have now is really crappy, doesn't work all the time, that kind of stuff, I've added a switch to cut off the power to the ignition so that I can listen to the radio without unplugging anything. I could also use it as a safety feature to keep people from taking my car.

5. Here's one that I thought up myself. I don't know where I got the idea but it seems like a good idea to me. I've taken one of the pressure pads from one of my front seats and have used it as a security feature. I've added it in line with my starter and a relay so that if you don't step in the right place, the car won't start. I'm sure that if someone was determined they could find where I did the splice and disable it. But no one should be able to just jump in and drive off. If you want more details on this let me know.