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Front Beam


I didn't do much front end work on my bug, but I did replace the ball joints on the steering rods and the ones that go in the spindles for the wheels. Since I didn't have the equipment to replace them my self, I took them to the local bug experts at Hilltop. They can do anything and have everything that you would ever need for basically need for any VW, and if they don't have it they can get it.

    I only had to wait for a few days and then I could go and get them. but before I put them back in I replace all the grease in the torsion bar. this took a while and quite a few canisters of grease. but once that was done I just but all of them back on and that was finished. This was one of the simpler parts of the restoration.

    I have just now found out about a problem that needs to be fixed. Some body that owned the bug before me welded in adjusters and put them in the wrong spot. So now I have to cut them out and weld them in again. It took a while but I got it done.

    To cut them out I use a hacksaw and some hose clamps to make sure that I cut a very straight line. This was not hard but it took some time. When I welded them back in, I put the set screws where they are on a stock beam and welded them back in there. I then painted them so it wouldn't rust. Here are some pictures of the procedure.

welding front beam.jpg (230664 bytes)finished front beam.jpg (354826 bytes)close up welding.jpg (303046 bytes)close up finished.jpg (244128 bytes)