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    When I started working on my engine I started by cleaning it very well. I used degreaser and a pressure washer. These worked great.


 Both of these worked very well. I then started to take of all that I could in the way of engine tin, oil cooler and other parts that were in the way. Once I had done this, I took off the cylinder heads. When I did this I found out that both of them had cracks in between the intake and exhaust valves. Once I discovered this we decided to replace the heads with rebuilt ones and get all new pistons and cylinders. I also replaced the oil strainer and thermostat.


    With the engine tin I sand blasted all of it and then used hi-temp black glossy paint on it. after I was finished with it, it looked very good. Once I put the new cylinders and heads on, I was ready to reassemble the engine. All the parts that I took off went on again very well, it also looked really good. I also had to buy new heater boxes and a new muffler.



    Once I finished the chassis I could then put the engine on. That is the fun part, once we got it on there and everything was hooked up we hot-wired it and drove it around the yard. All of this was not very hard if you followed all the instructions in your manual.


I would also recommend that you buy new points and condensers and check your coil to see if it works good. I didn't do this and had problems when I ran it in the pictures up there.

    I put in the engine seals in the other day. This is definitely a two person job. We used a silicone spray but WD-40 or other lubricants will help you put them in.

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