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CV Joints and the Clutch

    One of the most important parts of your car to keep in good shape is it's CV (constant velocity) joints. This is probably the messiest jobs you will ever do. Since you have to pack the things full of grease I would suggest investing in a box or two of rubber/latex gloves. These things are great for working on your car.

    You need to only do ONE side at a time so that you don't get the parts mixed up. First you need to get a container of gas/cleaning solution to clean the parts with. Then you need to choose an end and get the big clip off the end, it looks like a C. But before you take the joint off make a mark of some kind on it so that it will fit back together properly, I have found that white out works very well if you don't wipe it off. After you do this then you might be able to pull off the joint. I found that these can be very hard to get off, so if you can't get them off try using a puller very carefully on it.

    Once you get the side off, then you can take a good look at it and maybe draw a picture of it if you don't think you can remember what it looks like to put it back together. After that you tilt the inside of it until the balls that are inside of it fall out. Wipe them off and put them in the gas to get them really clean. After that clean all the rest of the parts and put them in some gas too. You need to check for marks or any irregularities on any of the parts, if there are then you should think about replacing it. It should also be shiny not discolored.

    After that gets really clean and you wipe them off then you can reassemble the join and re-grease it with CV joint grease. you need to get it full of grease so that it doesn't mess up. Once you have done it once then you will be able to do it faster every other time.

    Replacing the clutch is another easy part to replace. All you have to do is take off the pressure plate take the old clutch out and put the new one in. But you need to find some way that you can get it aligned very well so that you will be able to but the engine back on the car. It wasn't that hard since I did it the very first time.